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Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson still lifting huge weight despite shedding pounds as former World Strongest Men winners prepare for ‘heaviest boxing match in history’

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson are ramping up their training for what has been billed as the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’.

The pair have repeatedly exchanged barbs and will finally settle their differences in the ring in September.

The two men will clash in Las Vegas

They are both former World Strongest Men winners and their feud dates back to 2017 when Bjornsson, who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, accused the Brit of cheating during the Viking Press at the tournament.

However, video evidence uploaded to Hall’s YouTube channel appeared to dismiss the Icelander’s claims.

Now, the pair will come to blows inside a boxing ring in Las Vegas.

But their physiques will be massively different to what you would expect to see from them during a strongman competition.

Hall won World’s Strongest Man in 2017 and showed off his impressive body transformation on Instagram having dropped a number of pounds

They will still be big but a lot leaner than you’ve ever seen and their progress is clear to see.

Hall has already dropped a serious amount of weight.

In a picture on Instagram, ‘The Beast’ posted a side by side image of how he looked in 2017 when he was crowned World’s Strongest Man and how he looks now.

Four years ago, Hall tipped the scales at 197kg but now is a much leaner figure at 161kg, a difference of 36kg.

Hall set the deadlift record in 2017 but that was later beaten by his rival
Getty Images – Getty
Hall’s body change has been remarkable
Eddie Hall Instagram

Speaking previously about his weight loss, Hall said: “Cardio training for big guys is unique, you have to adapt it so that you don’t lose muscle and you don’t tire out.

“Using methods to not only improve your cardiovascular system but also help your body to recover after weight sessions by shifting lactic acid, helping the tendons, ligaments and muscles to repair.”

Though he has still revamped his diet, he still is consuming around 7,000 calories a day and still has a number of months before he steps into the ring.

The Mountain has also been shedding the pounds and looks noticeably leaner than he has done in the recent past.

Having finished second to Hall by a point in 2017, Thor won the World’s Strongest Man a year later
AFP – Getty
He tipped the scales at more than 200kg when be broke Hall’s deadlift record in 2020
Rogue Fitness (youTube)
He now looks noticeably leaner and has already been in the ring for a ‘warm-up fight’ with former WBO European light-heavyweight champion Steven Ward
Hafthor Bjornsson Instagram

When he broke Hall’s deadlift world record, with a lift of 501kg, he weighed in at 206kg.

The 6ft 9in Icelandic strongman has since revealed, on Twitch, that he now tips the scales at a much leaner 156kg, though he is still able to lift an impressive amount.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Bjornsson offered a glimpse of what an average strength training session looks like in his slimmed down frame.

His new deadift routine is five sets of three reps at 2225Kg (496Ibs), though in the video still managed 360kg (794Ibs).

Bjornsson has made changes to his diet in order to help him shift the pounds.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Bjornsson said the main change he has been in cutting back on carbs.

“I used to have six eggs [for breakfast] with rice and spinach but, this morning, I only had five eggs and just spinach. I skipped the rice.”

He has already stepped into the ring in an exhibition fight in January in Dubai as he embarked on a three round bout to help his preparation.

The Mountain plans to knock Eddie Hall out… TWICE before then setting his sights on WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Instagram @thorbjornsson

Thor wants to fight his rival twice this year and then has linked himself with Tyson Fury[/caption]

Upon hearing Thor throwing his name into the same conversation as Fury, Hall responded on Instagram with a clown emoji and calling his rival ‘deluded’
Instagram @eddiehallwsm

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