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Seeking justice at the Court of Arbitration for Sport became expensive – Proline FC

The UPL side had appealed against the decision to dock them points for forfeiting a home match against SC Villa in 2019

Uganda Premier League (UPL) side Proline FC have explained why the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) terminated their appeal against the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa).

Proline confirmed the case was ended by the court after they failed to pay the advance statutory fee. The club had appealed against the decision by the Federation to dock them points and goals for forfeiting their home match against SC Villa on September 7 last year.

“It is indeed true CAS terminated our case for failure to pay both our share and Fufa’s share of the final costs. However, we would like to shed some light on what got us to that point, even when we were willing to pay,” read Proline’s statement on their Facebook page.

“Initially, we paid the initial CAS fees of One Thousand Swiss Francs (Ush4 million) and fulfilled all the steps CAS asked to assess the validity and gravity of our case. After determining there was indeed a case to look into, both parties were asked to choose arbitrators, which was duly done.

“We were then notified for the case to start, each party involved was to pay twenty-two thousand Swiss Francs (Ush80 million).”

The club added they were asked to settle both their own fees and that of Fufa, a step they say was the beginning of the end of their appeal.

“We were ready and willing to pay but in the process of working with CAS on how to pay our share, we were informed in case of Fufa doesn’t pay its share, we were supposed to pay for it and the case would still not go forward until we did so,” the statement added.

“The injustice of this stance rattled us and we duly wrote back to CAS complaining about the same.

“We informed them we were willing to pay our share and asked they should find a way to accommodate our plea, seeing the only thing Fufa needed to do to kill our case was refusing to pay up their share [which is what they did exactly].”

Proline, who are involved in a relegation dogfight, blamed CAS for failing to take into consideration their prayers. Consequently, they felt seeking justice at the court became too expensive for them.

“Obviously, our pleas to CAS to understand our situation as a financially struggling Ugandan club fell on deaf ears and seeing we couldn’t raise the part that Fufa was supposed to pay,” the club said.

“They (CAS) in their last communication to us, suggested ways in which to handle this matter like seeking a single arbitrator and we are still actively pursuing this angle.

“In addition, we are continuing to seek alternative ways of getting our case heard in different Fifa forums because as Praline Football Club, we principally went to CAS to get a final interpretation of the regulation on the Fifa international break vis a vis local leagues and help to adjudicate future matters around this matter.

“Sadly, at Ush160 million, pursuing justice through this route became too expensive for us.”

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