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Tottenham Hotspur’s Aurier ‘does not need newspapers’ to correct his game

Tottenham Hotspur and Ivory Coast defender Serge Aurier says he is his own man who does not need the press to tell him about how he plays.

Following some brushes with the French media because of the Periscope incident as well as a nightclub brawl with police officers, Aurier gave himself a press blackout after what he felt was a media onslaught against him.

It was during his time at Paris Saint-Germain when the Periscope episode occurred, in live broadcast, as Aurier tore into Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Laurent Blanc, Angel Di Maria and Edinson Cavani.

In the other incident, he denies ever assaulting police officers outside a Paris nightclub and the event led to him to sentenced to two months in prison although he appealed.

But the media reportage that accompanied both incidents in 2016 left the Ivorian feeling that the press was against him and sensationalised stories about him. 

“Why don’t I want to talk to the press anymore? Because they sold things to people that are not true. Since that time [of the policeman fracas], I have had a daughter, who will soon be two years old,” Aurier told France Football.

“Before I had this hatred [of the press], if you say true things about me, no problem, I assume. But I saw crazy things, completely off the plate. That’s what put me in this impossible state. But I never fell for it.

“It’s easy to say, about a player at PSG: ‘Ah, he didn’t respect the institution, PSG must take sanctions.’ But, that is not for you to say! That’s why I say that in France, it is easy to criticise. Here [in England], they know there is a problem with a player and they say, ‘We will see what the club does.’ It is different from: ‘He must be punished.’

“They [journalists] can write whatever they want, but they have to keep in mind that the person they are writing about is a human being. He has a family. When you speak badly of a person, are you being objective?”

The 27-year-old defender says he does not need the press to tell him about his game, whether he has had a good or poor match.

“I don’t watch what journalists say about me or not. My strength is, I go home, I put my match and I say to myself ‘There, you did poorly’, ‘There, you could have done better.’ I correct myself after each match,” Aurier added.

“I don’t have to wait for a newspaper report to find out if I’m playing well or not. Even though I was catastrophic, I watch the game. And it hurts me! But it allows me to progress.”

No major incident involving Aurier has happened since his arrival at Spurs in August 2017.

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