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What happens to ticket prices when fans return? Ex-Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan gives verdict

Simon Jordan insists that football ticket prices are fair and disagreed with the suggestion they should be raised or cut when fans return.

Football supporters could return to stadiums from May 17 following the announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

Fans were welcomed back in small numbers earlier this season, but it was soon stopped

Up to 10,000 people or a quarter of the capacity, whichever is smaller, will be permitted in the largest venues like Wembley.

However, smaller stadiums will be limited to either 4,000 people or half of their capacity, whichever is lower.

The government have also confirmed they will run a series of pilots from April using enhanced testing approaches and other measures to run events with larger crowd sizes and reduced social distancing to evaluate the outcomes.

While discussing the price of tickets for the return, former Crystal Palace owner made the argument that club’s should not look to cash in while also hit out at the suggestion that prices could be lowered as a goodwill gesture.

It could still be a while before we see stadiums packed out like this
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Jordan told talkSPORT: “Everything that reverberates around football comes from the atmosphere inside stadiums. 

“On that hand you’ve got to value them, on the other hand fans are the first ones to be screaming blue murder about how much you should be spending on players, which players should be bought, how much the club should be investing in the acquisition of players.

“So that comes at a price. Politically, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge poll in terms of increasing prices. I wouldn’t increase prices.

“Would I decrease prices? Well the product is either worth what it’s worth or isn’t.

“If you were happy to pay the price of that product when it was available to you in normal circumstances, or non-COVID circumstances, why has the product suddenly become devalued?

Jordan is the former owner of Crystal Palace
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“If you are a season ticket holder and you buy a ticket at say Palace, it’s £500 a year, you are paying £25 a game. 

“If you want to pick and choose your games and say ‘I’ll rock up when we play Man United’ then you pay the premium for it.

“Season-ticket prices are fair and reflective of the so-called lifeblood of the football club, which is the fans.

“What you are asking for is a notion that we should be reducing ticket prices for goodwill when 90 per cent of the fans would say the football clubs have sustained our football clubs through a sustained period where they’ve lost a significant part of their revenue and it’s not greedy ownership because who’s making money?”

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